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Joining free e-mail Effortless English course 7 Secrets To Speaking English Easily & Automatically you will learn in one week how to:

1. learn new vocabulary fast and effective, AJ will show you how to learn deeply and not forget vocabulary which you have learned, for example that you learned for tests at school

2. speak fast & automatically without translation in your head sentences from your mother language to English, you will start thinking in English like native speaker

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3. learn grammar without studying grammar rules, you will learn grammar like a child who anybody never has explained to what's the difference between Past Simple and Past Perfect

4. learn 3-4 times faster than before, it's possible thanks to the most effective AJ Hoge's learning techniques

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  1. that's really great course, I like very much AJ Hoge's method, I'm still improving with his podcasts

  2. great course! Thanks AJ

  3. It is very useful for me to improve my english. I don't need to go to traditional school to study english. It is very boring.I have to study a lot with a little improvement.

    Thanks the teacher, Mr AJ Hoge, who gives me and a lot of people in the world great advice and methods to learn and love english.

    best wishes

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      It would be 'I study a lot with little improvement': we omit 'a' when we are talking about a lack. All the best.

  4. Mr AJ Hoge thank you very much, i really enjoy your videos, thank you for your 7 rules.Thank you for what you do for english learning students including me.

  5. Thank u very much, that's really helpful

  6. It's very helpful way to learn English .Thanks for this ......
    and God bless u.....

  7. you are great Mr. AJ, I love very much your course, podcasts, I really understand you everything, Thank you again for everything you do for us.

  8. Hi Aj,
    Good Morning!!!
    How are you!!

    I am Hari form India.I am watching you are mp3 cores its very nice&very Effective.G ive me a more information for me.Your information very usefully in my carrier :)

  9. thanks AJ you are great..!
    i want to remember Vocabulary, i cant remember the meaning..

  10. AJ Hoge you are the most emotional and positive teacher I ever meet. Congratilation and thank you

    Zbyszek from Poland

  11. His is amazing teacher, My English is getting better, through him; great thinks

  12. I want learn english course pls give the course ebook

  13. i am sayed this my email

  14. thank you very much mr. aj

    your style of teaching really work me. many changes coming from my english and hoping for more. now i really don't care about the grammar. haha

    btw it's joshua from philippines:-)

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  16. Thank you so much Mr. A.J hoge
    Really you are great teacher

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  19. English teachers is very important to the students in order for them to have a fluent mind in using English language that would help them to have an effective communication to the foreigners.

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  20. i think it's a good method to learn english, i try to learn and i feel my english improves everyday, and i speak english for at least 60 minutes everyday

  21. Thanks a bundle dear Ajhoge.

  22. This is a good Program for English Learning


We Learn Faster With Effortless English!
“AJ, It’s much easier to learn English with you. You are happy and you are always well. Thank you so much! We learn faster with you.
Thank you for your Energy- I must be a good student because you are The BEST !!!!!!! Kisses from Fatima”
Fatima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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