Power English Training 1


  1. Why can I understand english when you are speaking, but not someone else?

    1. ajajajajajajajaajajaj! yes!! it's realy, we understand his but is not the same with someone else

    2. Cause he speak very simple to make u understand what he said
      if u talk with someone in real they dont speak like AJ in fact they speak very fast and not clearly ^^ so u should train you listening skill more and more powerful then u can hear and understand what they say :)

  2. hi, AJ can I listen to one set if I listen to them 3 hours a day


We Learn Faster With Effortless English!
“AJ, It’s much easier to learn English with you. You are happy and you are always well. Thank you so much! We learn faster with you.
Thank you for your Energy- I must be a good student because you are The BEST !!!!!!! Kisses from Fatima”
Fatima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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“Thanks for your great method. Thanks to you, I passed my interview and now have a job with Emirates Airlines!”
Ploy, Bangkok, Thailand