5 Tips For Learning English

1. Be Committed
It sounds redundant, but it's necessary in the process of learning just about anything we do. Being a great football player or pianist did not happen just one overnight. So does learning a new language! Give yourself a time to think what are your priorities in life then be committed to it. Don't stop, always push yourself forward!

2. Learn to make mistakes
Don't be afraid to make mistakes because this is how supposed to be. Failures are part of our life. Person who never have failed just doesn't exist. Success and failure - we can learn both of them.

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3. Practice everyday
Learning language is like learning playing football, you just can't become football superstar without practicing and kicking ball everyday. So always remember 1 hour for learning English in a week is not enough.

4. Stay simple
If you're not feeling comfortable about complicated sentences just DON'T do it. Stay simple. Simplify your speech. Remember language is to communicate, so stay understandable.

5. Be with people
Join some community where English is using to communicate with other members. Internet is so great tool that you don't have to even leave your home to stay in contact with your English fans. Join Effortless English family today!

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  1. Thank you so much for your efforts..

  2. Thank you sir your Lessones is very help full for me

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