Best AJ Hoge's English Learning Tips From Facebook

1. Burn your grammar books or give them to people you don't like ;)
2. Learn outside of your school. Be an independent learner! University of life.
3. If you want a different result than you've been getting, you must use a different method.
4. Take more action. Take more chances. Do more without worry of failure.

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5. Focus on communicating your ideas and feelings, and stop worrying about perfection.
6. Everyone makes mistakes (grammar, etc.) when they speak English.
7. Passion, curiosity, and persistence are the keys to success... not grades.
8. Boost your health to improve your learning!
9. Simplify your approach and focus on the most fundamental skills and principles.

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  1. Hi AJ
    Hope you are doing well and be doing healthy.
    I have gotten a lot of changes since I started English with you. It is a really that you are directing students for learning English. I honor you as much as possible.
    Fazil Ahmad Faziy
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  2. it's a strange trick...but...i like it..
    i'll try....^^

  3. i'm very interesting learning english with you. i guest, it'a gonna be amazing ever...

  4. yes,,,yes,,,yes,,,this is what I am looking for, I got it, I am interesting full with my all heart.

  5. Hi. My awesome coach. how are you doing. I hope you are doing great. you know I am an English teacher. Before embarking on your new input based methods, I used both analysis based approach and listening approach. of course these methods paid off a little but not the way I wanted. Now I feel confident, happy and satisfied. thank you A.J. the greatest teacher. from me an undo respect and good wishes. Bakhodir.

  6. 10. Learning English involves deep learning. Listen to mini-stories at least 14 times even if you know the story already. This is deep learning and I improved alot using this technique (AJ's technique)
    11. Answer the mini-stories with confidence. I do it inside my car so nobody can hear me. he he he...

    Thank you AJ your the best teacher I had ALL-TIME. Continue sharing your blessings

  7. hello AJ. I'm Izza from Indonesia. I so hard to hear what U say, maybe because Ur speed in speaking. actually I like Ur speak about perfection, and I hope, I get the text of it. because some words are missing from my hear, so I so confused to understand it. please... I waiting for Ur answer. this is my E-Mail:
    thx a lot AJ... :)


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“AJ, It’s much easier to learn English with you. You are happy and you are always well. Thank you so much! We learn faster with you.
Thank you for your Energy- I must be a good student because you are The BEST !!!!!!! Kisses from Fatima”
Fatima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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