AJ Hoge talking about workshop in Bangkok (Thailand)

Hi, it's AJ and I'm talking to you from my hotel room, here in Bangkok. And yesterday was the first workshop here in Thailand in Bangkok. It was at the RMS Company and it was amazing, fantastic. This was definitely the best workshop I have done so far. And the reason is the group was so incredible. First of all Mr Panoo who's the owner of company was amazing. He really did a lot of extra things to organize this workshop and make it special. From big things to little things, little bottles of water for everybody, they had great big banner when people came in for registration. So he was fantastic, he was so generous, so hospitably to me, incredible hospitality. So thank you Mr Panoo. And also I want to thank all his team because Mr Panoo has created incredible team as well. Mr Panno and his wife both have created incredible team at their company. And again this team was amazing, they set up all the equipment, they make sure I was on schedule all the time. They did everything very well organized, very friendly, super helpful. So thank you to Mr Panoo's team, the RMS team as well, you guys were also fantastic. And finally of course everybody who came, everyone who participating was amazing. This was really a special group, they give me so much energy and they were focused and listening the whole time. And that can be difficult, 5 hours actually it was longer, I talked a little longer. Five and a half hours maybe listening to me talking English the whole time. Yet they had high energy the whole time, they were listening, they were focused, they were smiling, they gave me a lot of energy so I could gave them a lot of energy. It was truly amazing expierence. I just wanna say thank you so much to RMS team, to Mr Panoo, to everyone who came to this workshop. It was really special for me. I really loved that I enjoyed it so much. Thank you very much. I'm looking for our future workshop too and hope that they will be just so wonderful. For now I just want to say Thank you so much RMS, you rock.


  1. Thanks for new lesson! AJ you have so much power, I feel it :)

  2. AJ you are the best, you rock!


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