How Emotions Help To Learn Language More Effectively

I bet at least once you have met a person who is truly passionate about their area of expertise. It seemed as if they would never shut up and stop talking about their subject, didn't it? But let me remind you that such people tend to be more successful in their fields than those who are not so much into their jobs.

Why? Because emotions not only are the key to our hearts, but also to our minds.

If you can't believe it, then think about the following: when you were still a student (or maybe you still are), were you more interested in the classes conducted by a charismatic and witty teacher, or perhaps in those which made pupils sleepy in the very beginning?

When you are passionate about your tasks, “magically” your mental abilities increase rapidly. In fact, no magic exists, there's a simple scientific explanation: follow your heart when you work, and this way you can't get it wrong. Just remember to apply two rules when studying English and experience the amazing results!

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1. Read and listen about topics that seem interesting to you.
Do you love cooking? Then why don't you try to watch some videos about cooking in English? This way you may learn something valuable on both topics and you're definitely not going to get bored.

2. Don't choose any materials that are too difficult.
Of course, it may not be easy to predict before reading or watching something, but remember that you should understand at least 80%; 90 to 95% is the best. 5% percent of new stuff seems too little? It's one word in twenty, so statistically there should be 90 unknown words in this text. Sounds differently, doesn't it?

By choosing the materials that you find interesting you let yourself learn English quicker, easier and for good. So allow yourself to feel it – get overwhelmed by the urge to speak better English without in fact putting more effort into studying.


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  3. what is the first step i have to do... i'm a beginner... my speaking's so bad... please help me....


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