Use English Materials That You Are Excited About

So easy but so powerful rule. You should always remember to not use materials that are boring for you even in your mother language. For example if you are interested in internet world try to find websites, YouTube channels in English and try to follow them.

Important: You should understand at least 80% to improve. If you understand less try to find something easier.

What kind of materials do you use to learn English? Share your expierence with other learners!


  1. That's true and very important to enjoy what you are learning. Always remember about it.

  2. I like sport so I'm always reading sport news in English. I enjoy it :)

  3. That's good tip Hubert, thank you

  4. I like using English movies to learn, sometimes watching with subtitles sometimes not.

  5. Reading easy novels in English can be interesting way to improve vocabulary and writing skills

  6. from my opinion its always better to feed your brain the stuff your brain likes and see the changes.

    1. That's right. You should avoid boring topics for you and enjoy what you are reading, listening and watching.

  7. Nice advice... i like it. Always enjoy your learning.


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