Learn English as a Celebration


  1. learning english should be fun, i like watching movies

  2. A.J has an incredible method of teaching English enthusiastically method.thank you A.j.joe, and cristine for the learn real English and for a.j for the effortless English.

  3. It is true that watching video clips and tutorials helps in speeding up the process of learning a new language.

  4. I like this kind of a method that you should be happy and enjoy the process of learning,


We Learn Faster With Effortless English!
“AJ, It’s much easier to learn English with you. You are happy and you are always well. Thank you so much! We learn faster with you.
Thank you for your Energy- I must be a good student because you are The BEST !!!!!!! Kisses from Fatima”
Fatima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A New Job!
“Thanks for your great method. Thanks to you, I passed my interview and now have a job with Emirates Airlines!”
Ploy, Bangkok, Thailand