What do I need to start learning English?

Firstly everything what you need is having good intentions. You have to know, what you want. Find your own aim. It means, why you want to learn English, for example you want to come to England for a trip. Secondly you should know, how you want to learn. In language school? At home on your own? Private lessons? Online course? You should decide which way is the most comfortable for you.

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Are you embarrassed when you have to speak in foreign language with stranger people? Then a language school isn’t a good idea. But do you have enough motivation to learn every day at home? You can try with online course. Thirdly also an important point is choosing proper materials. Of course there is a classical method with textbook, but not everyone likes this way. In bookshop you can also find a lot of course book to learn at home or programs for your computer. Besides that, try to have a contact with ‘real’ English, what means that you should listen to the radio, watch films with English titles, find someone on Skype to chat and talk with him/her. Good luck!


  1. i love to learn English!!!

  2. thank you Aj, i have learned a lot from your courses, crazy gesters, funny way of teaching english.
    am now thinking about following the same way as you in teaching english to my students.
    big hug from morocco to AJ


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“AJ, It’s much easier to learn English with you. You are happy and you are always well. Thank you so much! We learn faster with you.
Thank you for your Energy- I must be a good student because you are The BEST !!!!!!! Kisses from Fatima”
Fatima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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