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Update 28.01.2014

BEC Planning for Success
BEC Procrastination
BEC Financial Security

Update 19.01.2014

Power English Lessons (Review) + Bonus Free Download
Effortless English Show - Episode 4

Update 12.01.2014

Effortless English Show - Episode 3

Update 05.01.2014

Effortless English Show - Episode 2

Update 29.12.2013

AJ talks about the Effortless English news, reviews a success story, and answers questions about learning English. Watch the first Effortless English show with AJ Hoge

Update 23.12.2013

My Biggest Problem with Learning English. What is it?

Update 30.11.2013

5 Tips For Learning English (Video)

Update 23.11.2013

Does Effortless English Work?

Update 16.11.2013

We recorded video called How Should You Learn English Online (Video) based on our earlier blog post. Which version do you prefer?

Update 05.11.2013

New video 7 English Words Difficult For Beginners!

Update 29.10.2013

My first time with English & AJ Hoge - new video about my story with Effortless English.

Update 06.10.2013

I'm not afraid of English mistakes. What about you?

Update 22.09.2013

We answered one of the most popular question about Effortless English System - Do I have to buy Effortless English lessons?

Update 20.09.2013

English learning is lifelong process. There's no finish line in learning English.

Update 15.09.2013

In last two months we recorded 10 videos about learning English using Effortless English System. You can check all of them below :)

Why you are BAD English speaker
5 mistakes Effortless English students don't make
Effortless English + Skype = WINNER
Effortless English Quiz (Listen & Answer)
What is your favourite Power English lesson?
English Lesson with Cristiano Ronaldo
When I listen to Effortless English lessons
What is Effortless English method?
Test Your English with Listen & Answer Lesson
Easy Listen & Answer English Lesson

Update 31.08.2013

Effortless English Creation

Update 30.08.2013

New video lessons by AJ Hoge called Mission To Devotion and Effortless English Growing Community

Update 28.07.2013

Needta and Gotta are two real English "words" you must understand.

Update 24.07.2013

Whaddya and Watcha are very common spoken English "words" but you probably will not find them in the dictionary.

Update 21.07.2013

AJ explains important topic for students in new video lesson called How Long To Fluency

Update 15.07.2013

International Life of Adventure
The TH Sound In English

Update 11.07.2013

AJ Hoge explains Wanna and Gonna in new video. Check also English Plural You lesson.

Update 08.07.2013

English Presentations Peak Practice
English Job Interviews

Update 07.07.2013

New section on website called Business English where you can find free materials by George Hoge & AJ Hoge from course "Business English Conversations".

Update 06.07.2013

New lessons! Make sure you watch them :)

English Presentation Fear
Psychology English Learning
Error Correction
Native Speakers
Presentations Adrenaline

Update 04.07.2013

New 14 Video Lessons by AJ Hoge!

Effortless English Mini-story Barcelona Event 2013
Casual English What Is Your Level
Linking Sounds in English
English Idioms in Casual English
American Accents and Casual English
Casual English and Fast English Speaking
Babies Learn English Best
The English Silent Period
Why English Stories
English Mini Stories
Point of View Stories
Move And Learn
American Movies And TV
E-Books and Audiobooks

Update 16.04.2013

New video lessons!
The Dance of Learning
Learn English Naturally
Passion is Important
Lessons From Video Games

Update 25.03.2013

True learning is active, fun and energetic so Learn English as a Celebration

Update 20.03.2013

Do you Remember Where You Were with your English?
MP3 Players are great to learn English! Watch video about it here

Update 18.03.2013

Download & listen new podcasts:

AJ Hoge talks about his lessons in new video called Greek Family Lessons

Update 13.03.2013

New video lessons Keys To English Mastery and Top 5 English Learning Mistakes are ready!

Update 09.03.2013

Mini Story Lesson - Ninja Teacher is the first video lesson on our YouTube channel where we going to publish unique Effortless English lessons in the best possible quality.

If you don't want to miss any lessons, make sure you subscribe.

Update 05.03.2013

New article, share & comment - How Should You Learn English Online?

Update 13.02.2013

New free mini story lesson by AJ Hoge - Ninja_Teacher.mp3

Update 12.01.2013

How To Learn English Effectively (Infographic)
Break The Rules To Improve Your English Skills

You can join also now to Forum of Effortless English Page

Update 25.11.2012

New articles, make sure you read them and share with your friends who also want to improve English skills! Please comment if you want more :)

Diverse Sources Of Materials That Expand Your Knowledge
How Emotions Help To Learn Language More Effectively
How To Learn English Effectively

Update 18.11.2012

New video lessons!

Effortless English 2012 Hanoi Seminar 1
Effortless English 2012 Hanoi Seminar 2 (Mini-story1)
Effortless English 2012 Hanoi Seminar 3 (Mini-story2)
Effortless English 2012 Hanoi Seminar 4 (Mini-story3)
Effortless English 2012 Hanoi Seminar 5 (Mini-story4)

Update 17.11.2012

New Listen & Answer Lesson (AJ Hoge's seminar in Vietnam) in Video Lessons

Update 10.11.2012

I added new video lesson with transcription of AJ Hoge talking from hotel room about workshop in Bangkok.

Update 15.10.2012

New English Tips by AJ Hoge in Video Lessons

Enjoy and comment ! :)

English Teacher Secrets
Best English Textbooks?
Forced English Speaking
English Language Schools Are Evil
Study English How Much?
Learn English with Stories
English Books to Learn English
Effortless English Engine
English Learning Energy
Learn English With Songs - A Good Idea?
English Speaking Most Important Method
Speaking English - Feel Nervous & Shy?
Improve English Reading & Listening
How to Learn English Vocabulary

English Listening Is The Key To English Speaking
Learn English Phrases For Free Grammar
Learn Real Spoken English
English Textbooks Are Boring
Learn English Grammar Naturally

Update 16.09.2012

I've launched new Live Video Chat Room where you can talk with other Effortless English fans. Learning English with audio and video is much more interesting :)

Update 05.08.2012

I added Yahoo MP3 Player to website so you don't have to download podcast and mp3 if you want to listen it. If you would like still to download mp3 click right button of your mouse and select "save as".

Still updating New Podcast 2012, listen to the newest podcast ItsMyLife.mp3 where AJ Hoge explains Bon Jovi's song.

Update 14.04.2012

New Podcast 2012 has just started!

New files in MP3 section!

7 Rules:

Download and share The Engine of English Speaking (PDF file)

Update 25.01.2012

Today I've found new video lessons on YouTube.

Action Vocabulary Part 1
Action Vocabulary Part 2a
Action Vocabulary Part 2b
Action Vocabulary Part 3a
Action Vocabulary Part 3b
Action Vocabulary Part 4a
Action Vocabulary Part 4b
Action Vocabulary Part 5

Update 28.07.2011

I've just added Essential Steps For Big Improvements videos with text. Links below.

Essential Steps For Big Improvements 1
Essential Step 2
Essential Step 3
Essential Step 4
Essential Step 5
Essential Step 6
Essential Step 7

New files in MP3 Free Download section.

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