English Mini Story Lesson - Facebook

You will now hear a story and some questions. Try to answer those questions and if you don’t know the answer, try to guess it! Today’s mini story will be about the place where you can find everyone. From your childhood best friend who you didn’t talk to in years, to the movie star you have always loved. This place is called Facebook.

Where can you find everyone? 

You can find everyone on Facebook! Facebook is the biggest and most used social network service. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

What is Facebook? 

Facebook is a social network service. In order to get on Facebook, you have to be connected to the Internet, go to the web browser and put the web address which is www.facebook.com.

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What do you need to get on Facebook? 

To get on Facebook you need: Internet, a web browser and web address. By 2004 until 2008, you could not sign up for your account yourself. You had to have an invitation from someone who already has their account. That is how Facebook started building up, the biggest now, network. When it built up the spread enough network, Facebook opened the registration for the accounts and now you can easily access this social network by signing up with your e‐mail.

When weren’t you able to sign up yourself for the account on Facebook? 

From 2004 to 2008. Facebook has a logo of a white lower case letter “F” inside of the blue square. People tend to mistake the colors! Do you remember how the Facebook logo looks like? Yes, Facebook logo has a white F inside of blue square. The account on facebook usually includes: your profile picture, information about you: where do you live, when were you born, where do you study and what; who are you in a relationship with, what you’re interested in, who do you listen to, which books you read and which movies have you watched. What’s more, Facebook can be your advisor, you don’t have to specifically type in the names of the movies or books, Facebook suggests you those and you can either reject the suggestion or approve it! Isn’t it simple and comfortable to use facebook? Indeed it is! But how can you individualise your account? Simply by putting your own status and uploading your personal things like pictures, movies or checking-­‐in in different places in the world.

What can you do with Facebook wherever you are? 

You can check-­‐in yourself in places. Facebook is a place where you can find everyone as I said. It is also universal, everyone can create his/her own personal view, reputation even and it can be found everyplace wherever the internet is accessible. So, where can you find facebook? You can find it wherever Internet is! Facebook can be used in many ways. You can- not only find your friends there, connect with people because you met each other once, overally meet new people online, but also you can join groups where people sell things, rent houses, want to buy or exchange things and actually Facebook has replaced lots of other websites. On Facebook you can get to know a lot about movie stars, pop stars and actually everything that is going on in the world. Every News Programme has its own fanpage that after “liking” it, the news will automatically appear on your so called “timeline”.

Where do all news and new information appear on Facebook? 

All the news and information appear on the Timeline. Let’s go to the facebook design and it’s single functions. Facebook has a white interface with blue details. After you log in to your account, in the left corner you will find the logo of Facebook although the colors are reverted. Do you remember how I described the logo before?

Can you tell me now how the logo looks after you log in? 

Yes, the logo after you log in has an F blue and the square is white. The logo is a button for so called “home” and “home” is the very first page after you log in – the interface. The middle top of the page is the search bar – you can type in names of people you’re looking for or groups, movies, music, anything you wish to find. And on the right top, there will be 1.your picture and name where you can access your profile at any time, 2.the actual HOME button, then the friend request tab where you can accept or deny requests of people who wish to add you into their friends group on Facebook, or if you invited someone earlier, this tab will show you that that person had accepted your request. After the friends tab goes the message tab – I don’t think I have to explain that one and finally the notifications tab. If you did comment on something, the replies will appear there, as well if someone liked something on your profile, it will notify you in this tab! Okay, where can you find people you met before and want to add them to your friends list? Of course, in the search bar. The blue bar also includes pivacy shortcuts (I think it’s new) and the “others” options where you can change the privacy, delete your account, log out, change general things in settings like language. Yes, you can change the language from your mothertongue into english! Isn’t that the fist step to learn your english better?

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Where can you change the language on Facebook? 

In the top right corner of the sidebar under the settings mode! Alright,that was the main blue bar on the top of your page that is present all the time.

What can you access at all times on Facebook? 

You can access your profile, home page, notifications bar, friend requests, messages and notifications at all times on Facebook. The rest of the page, on white background is changeable. Let’s describe the home page. On the left side you can see your name and profile picture you had set for your account. Under this you will see different buttons that are described. Standard would include: News feed, messages, events and other general functions depending on what you use on Facebook. After that would be a non-­clickable sign for FRIENDS – there you can easily access your best friends as you have grouped them in this category. Further will be groups that you have joined, the goups can be open for everyone, secret, half-­‐open, you can also create your own group! Then you will find apps – yes, you can play games on facebook and kill your free time there.

Do you know what is the most annoying thing on Facebook? Try to guess! 

As I heard, everyone think that the most annoying thing on facebook are the game requests! After apps will be pages, there you will see the pages you are moderating, pages feed where you will see the freshest posts from the pages you have liked before, then goes the button for “like pages” where facebook will give you suggestions to what you might “like” and invitations from other for you to like a specific page and also in this tab, you can create your own page. Pages are also called fanpages, they can vary with the topic. It can be anything actually, from mottos, to singular topics. Usually marketing campaigns are ran through the pages option, you can also pay facebook to reach more people through facebook advertising option! So if you have any product you wish to sell on the bigger scale, simply create a fanpage for it, make the fanpage look interesting and pay facebook to advertise it on the homepages of people on facebook! You can find this option in “create Ad” in the pages tab. And finally events. You can of course create an event or join some. Usually parties create events, I did a couple of times as well when I was organizing one at my house. From there I could see how many people would come to my party and overally I could post some important information for what is going to be happenning and what can they expect. It is very useful!

My question for you is, what can you create on your own on Facebook? 

You can create you page, event, group and facebook advertising campaign on Facebook. The right side of the main page, I can see in my case, upcoming events, my friends’ birthdays, recommended games and groups that I could join. It is basically the advertisement side. What is the important function of the right side of the main page? It tells you what events are going to happen and most importantly – your friends’ birthdays! Let’s go to the biggest middle side of the home page. On the very top you can find a bar where you can update your status, add photos’videos, create photo album of your own. And under that you will find the news feed! All the news from your friends, the pages you liked, you will see the freshest posts. Sometimes not only the freshest ones but also refreshed posts that someone might have “refreshened” by liking or commenting on it even though the post was posted months before. Do you remember the logo button and the HOME button? So excatly those buttons can refresh your news feed.

What can you do on the top bar in the middle side of your homepage? 

You can post your status, photo, video or create a photo album. On facebook, for your individual need, you can post things and decide on who will see what you posted, where was it posted and who were you with. After posting, people might “like” your post or comment on it. You can then like the comment or answer to those. In the comments you can either write a text or post a picture!

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What can you do when it comes to comments? 

You can like them, reply to them, post a photo in them or simply write a text. Facebook had replaced a lot of things in life. It is now not only a place of friends meetings through chat/ messaging but also a place where you share your own self with others at once, get to know about the person you love, the person you admire. It is sad to get to know people in this way instead of talking to them in person isn’t it? But it is technology and it is growing so we can’t do anything. Actually, we can! It depends on us how often we use it and what we share. We are the ones using it, Facebook does not use us. What do you thing about this matter? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below the video. I hope you enjoyed the video, maybe learned something from it, if you want to see more, click subscribe just like the fanpages so you can keep track and watch more! If you find any specific subjects interesting and would like to hear, learn about it more, we can make a video about it for you! Just give us the information below in the comments as well and we will try to do it the best way we can. Bye!

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